Unused IKA Model Master Plant MP4000 Mixing Systems For Sale

October 17th, 2018

We have (2) unused IKA model Master Plant MP4000 mixing systems immediately available for sale.  These systems are installed but unused and can be sold separately.  

Perry Stock # VL1328-01 & VL1328-02

Each system includes:

  • 1 off unused stainless steel mixing vessel approximately 5,200 litre total volume & 4,000 litre working volume. Internal rated 4 bar/full vacuum design pressure at -10 to 250 deg.c. Has external stainless steel jacket rated 6 bar design pressure at -10 to 300 deg.c. Unit has ring clamped dished top and welded conical bottom heads. Unit has top entry stainless wall scrapper agitator and high speed agitator with drive/gearbox. Includes electrical / hydraulic raise and lower system. Unit mounted in stainless steel frame with local control & electical panels.
  • 1 off unused IKA model DBI 2000/20 stainless steel high shear disperser. Unit is mounted on the discharge of the mixing vessel. Maximum total flow rate dispersing approximately 20,000l/h and maximum total flow rate pumping approximately 50,000l/h. Maximum viscosity of final product 100,000mpas. Unit has approximately 45kw, 3/50 motor.
  • 1 off unused IKA model MK2000/20 stainless steel colloid mill. Maximum flow rate approximately 405 l/m. Unit has approximately 45kw motor.
  • 1 off unused GWK model tecma tt 8.700.180.380 heating / cooling unit.
  • 1 off unused Borger model FL518 rotary lobe pump driven by approximately 22kw 3/50 motor.
  • System includes various valves, feeding funnels, instrumentation and controls.

All technical documentation is available and will be supplied with the systems.  

For further details call us on +44 (0)1325 315 111 or email us to request a quotation.

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