As well as seeing the benefits of used process equipment, our customers tell us the reason they return to Perry time and time again is because of the friendly and efficient customer service they receive across the organisation. 80% of our business is now from returning customers.

Perry Process Equipment Ltd has helped customers who are expanding their production capacity, those in breakdown situations, as well as companies who unfortunately have to shut down their production and need a company to handle the closure and the sale of assets with empathy and professionalism.

Carbusonic, UK

Carbusonic manufacture concentrated cleaning detergents, lubricants, grease, dyes and inks, automotive dyes and other specialist formulations.  They contacted Perry when they were looking to buy a high shear mixer to take them away from hand mixing.  They were keen to buy a UK manufactured machine, but were conscious of the cost of a new machine.  Perry had a suitable used Greaves mixer in stock.

Mr J Appleby, Director, statement:

“I decided instead of hand mixing I needed a high shear mixer. Perry Process Equipment were well placed for this.  We made a site visit and we were welcomed and although we are a very small fish we were treated equally and with attention. We even decided to buy another piece of equipment while we were there, a small reactor vessel to be used in more complex grease formulation.  I am in no doubt that we will purchase our next equipment from Perry process and hopefully continue to grow as a business.”

Nutricia, UK

Nutricia develops and manufactures medical nutrition.

“Perry Process equipment looked after all our requirements with professionalism.  I would recommend their services to anyone in the nutraceutical manufacturing sector”.

Brian Connolly
Facilities Manager, Nutricia

Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils), UK

Lionel Hitchen provides a comprehensive manufacturing and bespoke flavour creation service.  When they suffered damage to an Apex 114 comminuting mill, Perry responded quickly. We supplied a replacement mill from stock, fitted the correct blades, and delivered the unit to the site one week after the inspection was made.

Smithers-Oasis, Houthalen, Belgium

Smithers-Oasis manufactures floral foam.  They contacted Perry when they were looking for a conical mixer.  Our facility in Poland had a PERRYMix Nauta mixer, with a rebuilt pharming drive.  We were asked to do a number of modifications to the unit, which included adding stainless steel support legs, a standard manually operated discharge valve and a hollow shaft for injecting.  The turn-around time and price of used equipment were the main factors in the decision to purchase from Perry.

Trez SA, France

Trez SA in France purchased a used Comber model Pharmadry PH2000 vacuum paddle dryer from Perry. The unit, which was built in 1998, was in need of refurbishment.  Perry has developed strong working relationships with many Original Equipment Manufacturers and contacted Comber to carry out the refurbishment work.

To see what work was carried out on the used Comber Pharmadry PH2000 vacuum paddle dryer, take a look on our refurbished equipment page.

A Comber spokesperson said “The advantage for the customer is to have the machine at a cheaper price and in shorter time compared to a new machine”.

Comber Process Technology Srl is part of the HEINKEL DRYING AND SEPARATION GROUP.  Please read more about them on their website http://www.comber.it/

Allessa GmbH, Germany

Allessa is a major European custom and toll manufacturer of fine chemicals.  They bought a used Atlas 12 m² horizontal shell and tube heat exchanger from Perry.  When selling second hand equipment into Germany it is very important to have the relevant technical documentation in order to obtain approval from the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein – Technical Inspection Association). Due to a lack of technical documentation for this particular item our German Sales Manager, Julie Morris, had to place an order directly with the OEM, Atlas in the USA.

We were able to obtain a drawing and the required CE documentation for the unit.  We also carried out our own ‘in-house’ hydro test on the shell and tubes prior to dispatch and sent a test certificate to the customer to confirm that no faults had been found.

Matthias Stoll, Allessa GmbH, Germany statement:

“I am very happy with the purchase and would like to thank Perry Process for all their efforts to obtain the technical documentation and CE documentation from the OEM in the USA. I am happy with the heat exchanger as are the TÜV.  I have saved Perry Process in my favourites and will contact them in the future for equipment.”

One month later, Matthias went on to purchase another used heat exchanger from Perry, stating that the initial service, turn-around-time and price of used equipment were the main factors in his decision to purchase from Perry Process again.

DuPont, Bristol, UK

Perry was appointed by DuPont, Bristol to sell the equipment and clear the site.  We were given a six week time frame to do this.  Perry marketed the equipment and successfully sold most of the assets direct from the site to companies throughout Europe. We purchased the remaining plant and worked with our approved dismantling contractor to ensure the safe removal of all the items. The whole project was completed on time, within budget and fulfilled DuPont’s return on investment criteria.

Donald Branagan, DuPont, UK statement:

“We had a very good experience working with Paul Cook and Perry as a company. The project was completed on time and within budget. As with most projects there were a few ‘issues’ that did arise during the execution but these were worked out and resolved satisfactorily. On another positive note the project was completed with no incidents or injuries.”

Lucerne Biotech, UK

“We proposed Greg Lyons and Perry to purchase some of our manufacturing equipment including dismantling and removal. They took the time to come to seriously evaluate the equipment and make an offer.   They paid as requested and they have been efficient at removing the equipment. We will definitely recommend them for companies looking to dispose of their equipment.”

Dr Anne Bouchert
Managing Director, Lucerne Biotech, UK

Merck, Poole, England

Perry was appointed Merck’s sole sales agent, responsible for the sale of all major plant items at Merck’s West Quay Road, Poole site. All assets were inspected by Perry, who agreed a minimum sale value with Merck. Perry advertised the equipment and successfully sold all assets with the majority generating funds in excess of the agreed minimum selling prices.

Cenes, Irvine, Scotland

Perry purchased the whole drug delivery manufacturing facility from Cenes, Irvine. We carried out an initial private treaty sale of the equipment, which we then followed through with an auction sale. All items were sold and the site was successfully vacated.