Used Zinc Electroplating Plant for Rack and Barrel

Stock #RG8742

Used Zinc Electroplating Plant for Rack and Barrel. Reportedly built by Eksas
Surface Technology in 2006, shut down in 2013 and currently being maintained.
Capacity was approximately 8000 kg of steel parts per 8 hour shift.
– Plant is fully automated with (2) carriers, PLC control, (23) polypropylene
tanks measuring (L)3.2m x (H)1.5m x (W)0.6/0.8M, (3) zinc plating tanks,
degreasing, neutralising and (2) passivation tanks, (10) flight bars (6 with
double barrels, 4 with jigs for rack plating), dryer and steel construction for
– Waste Water Treatment Plant is also available with (2) reactors for cyanide
oxidation and chromate reduction, filter press, carbon filter, polyelectrolyte
addition tank, tank with Lamella at bottom for sludge formation and evaporator
with capacity 8000 LPD.

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