Used Olivery Y Battle 13,000 Litre Stainless Steel Reactor

Stock #L1151-01

This unit is a 13,000 litre working capacity and 14,700 litre total capacity
316L stainless steel reactor. Internal 2400mm diameter X 2650mm straight side.
Has bolted dished top head and welded dished bottom heads. Internal rated full
vacuum/2 bar pressure at 350 DEGC. Has internal stainless steel coil rated 5
bar design pressure at 350 DEGC. Also has external stainless steel limpet coil
jacket rated 5 bar design pressure at 350 DEGC. Includes 2-tier 2-blade pitched
paddle and 1-tier 2-blade flat paddle agitator. Direct driven by 37 kW 400/690
volt 3/50 1470 rpm motor via Rossi Motoriduttori gearbox rated 16.2/1 reduction
ratio and mechanical seal. Previously mounted on (3) lugs. Last used in the
manufacture of epoxy resin.

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