UNUSED Hydro Air Research Italia Microfiltration Ceramic Membrane Filtration System

Stock #VL1200

Total membrane filtration area 288 sqm based on 2 loop system. System was
designed for clarification of enzyme fermentation broth. Main items consist of
the following:

(2) Pall Allumina microfiltration modules, 0.5 Micron giving approximately 144
sqm filtration area each with 6 bar working pressure. Each module contains (8)
modules or housing, that contain 36 Pall alumina membranes (P2760CE) each. (16)
modules in total and 576 Pall alumina membranes at 0.5 Micron pore size.
(1) feed pump with 30kW drive.
(2) loop pumps with 200kW drives
(2) back-pulse pumps with 7.5kW drives
(2) backset filters
(1) 5,000 litre 304 stainless steel CIP tank
(1) shell and tube heat exchanger.

Membrane system mounted on 304 stainless steel skid with CIP system mounted on
separate 304 stainless steel skid.

System includes control panel and power distribution board, instrumentation,
valves and interconnecting pipework.

System has been designed to cGMP with the following standards:

uni EN ISO 9001
CISQ/ICIM no 0711/1 reg.
IQNET no it-3633
EMC low voltage directive
EU directive 98/37
machinery directive 2006/42EC

System has factory acceptance test dated April 2014.

Typical application of this system is the removal of high molecular weight
compounds such as bacteria, fats, yeasts and fungi, clarification of chemical,
biological, pharmaceutical and food solutions.

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