Selling Used Process Equipment

Perry buys high quality used process plant and equipment worldwide from companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

We are always actively looking to buy good quality surplus process equipment, including: used centrifuges, used dryers, used evaporators, used filters, used glass lined equipment, used granulators, used heat exchangers, used mills, used mixers, used reactors, used separators, used tanks and vessels.

If you are considering selling your process equipment, Perry has a number of options available to you.  We always aim to make sure you receive the maximum return on your items.

Selling Options:

Outright Purchase

Perry will offer you a very competitive cash offer to buy the equipment outright.  We can work quickly to inspect the equipment, make you an offer, and then remove the equipment from your site. We will always ensure there is minimal amount of disruption to your process.

Consignment or Sales Agent

Choose Perry as your exclusive sales agent and we will actively market your assets.  We will create a dedicated sales brochure, handle removal, arrange the freight and collect payment.  Perry can even store the equipment at one of our warehouses.

Equipment Listing

If you don’t need to sell your equipment in a hurry, you can list it on our inventory.   Your items will be visible on our website, and we will contact you should a prospective buyer show interest.

Asset Disposal

A disposal package tailor-made for you.  We will manage the site clearance including the dismantling, removal and demolition, as part of this service.

If you have equipment to dispose of, call us on 01325 315 111 or get in touch with us using our online Sell Your Equipment form.

Partnering with Perry

If you have recently acquired a processing site, or some process equipment, find out how we can work together to sell the assets.

  • We can offer a very competitive cash offer to buy the equipment outright for stock.
  • We can offer you a joint venture agreement where we work with you to market and sell the equipment.
  • We can pay you a finder’s fee commission when we sell the equipment.
  • We can bring the equipment to our warehouse to store until it’s sold.
  • We can manage the site clearance including dismantling and logistics, if required.

If you would like more information about partnering with us, please contact our senior buyer Paul Cook on +44 (0)1325 328 811 / +44 (0)1325 315 111 or send him an email.

Meet The Buyers

Paul     Greg         

Paul Cook – Senior Buyer             Greg Lyons – Equipment Buyer        Daniel Smith – Plant Buyer                            

Client Testimonials

We’ve helped many companies to dispose of their surplus assets, sometimes working to very strict deadlines. We work with an approved dismantling contractor to ensure the safe removal of items at all times.  Here is a selection of clients we’ve recently helped:

DuPont, Bristol, UK

Perry was appointed by DuPont, Bristol to sell the equipment and clear the site.  We were given a six week time frame to do this.

Donald Branagan, DuPont, UK statement:

“We had a very good experience working with Paul Cook and Perry as a company. The project was completed on time and within budget. As with most projects there were a few ‘issues’ that did arise during the execution but these were worked out and resolved satisfactorily. On another positive note the project was completed with no incidents or injuries.”

Lucerne Biotech, UK

“We proposed Greg Lyons and Perry to purchase some of our manufacturing equipment including dismantling and removal. They took the time to come to seriously evaluate the equipment and make an offer.   They paid as requested and they have been efficient at removing the equipment. We will definitely recommend them for companies looking to dispose of their equipment.”

Dr Anne Bouchert
Managing Director, Lucerne Biotech, UK

Nutricia, UK

“Perry Process equipment looked after all our requirements with professionalism.  I would recommend their services to anyone in the nutraceutical manufacturing sector”.

Brian Connolly
Facilities Manager, Nutricia

Selling Your Process Equipment Brochure Download:

Browz Supplier Membership Certificate

Perry are very proud to have successfully achieved supplier membership of the Browz qualification and management programme.  Details about this can be found on the Browz website

Browz Membership Cert