Glycerin to Epichlorohydrin Plant with Capacity 12000 Tons/Year

Stock #RG2020

Used 12000 ton/year glycerin to epichlorohydrin plant commissioned in 2012 and uses Desmet Ballestra Oleo design and technology.
The glycerin to epichlorohydrin plant consists of (2) separate production plants as follows:
1 – Plant for production of 99.5% technical glycerin from 80-85% crude glycerin using multi-stage distillation and rectification.
2 – Plant for production of dichloropropanols (DCP). Technical glycerin is subjected to multistage hydrochlorination by wet and dry method to obtain DCP. DCP is the intermediate product for production of Epichlorhydrin.
Note – No equipment for producing Epichlorohydrin from DCP available.

Location: Europe

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