Used Ethanol Plant with Capacity 30,000 Litres / Day

Stock #RG2007

Used plant for production of ethanol, DDGs and glucose syrups. Plant produces ethyl alcohol for food and pharmaceutical industries, technical alcohol, dried distillers grains (animal feed) and dextrin as a base for adhesives.
Production line was made in 2005 with the following capacities:
– Ethyl Alcohol: 30,000 litres/day or 10,971,000 litres/year
– Technical Alcohol: 3340 litres/day or 1,219,100 litres/year
– 22 tons/day or 8200 tons/year of solid fractions: 3000 tons/year dextrin and 5200 tons/year of feed additive – DDGs (Dried Distillers Grains)
The plant has 1300 m3 of fermenters.

Location: Europe

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