430 Litre Winkworth Model GU430 Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Stock #L1531-01

Perry is offering a high quality refurbished, used Winkworth model GU430SSC W 321 stainless steel ribbon blender. Winkworth is recognised as a leading UK manufacturer of mixing equipment.

Manufacturer: Winkworth
Material: Stainless Steel (321)
Serial Number: 4361
Capacity: 430 Litre Working Capacity. 570 litre Total Capacity (Product Dependent)
Mixing Trough: 1,500mm Long x 600mm Wide x 700mm Deep
Type Of Blades: Single Interrupted Ribbon
Motor: 4kW ESR3 Inline Geared-Motor

Stripped main unit apart
Polished internally to 0.8Ra
Shot blasted all mild steel parts and bead blasted all stainless external parts.
Completely overhauled geared motor with new shafts, gears, bearings, seals with an oil change.
Fitted new inserts to the flanged bearings on shaft ends.
Serviced packing gland with new PTFE packing.
Fabricated new stainless steel lid.
Re-gasketed trough and lid.
Spray painted in our paint booth facility.
Reassembled and test ran.

This unit is ready to run. A video of this mixer is available

Perry has been supplying this type of equipment for decades. You can rely on getting a first class service from the Perry Equipment Group.

Location: Newton Aycliffe, UK

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