500 Litre Perrymix Model DS-250 Stainless Steel Dissolver, New

Stock #L1187-02

New stainless steel Perrymix dissolver model DS-250, working capacity up to 500 litre depending on dispersed product viscosity. Stainless steel mixing shaft with 2 tier stainless steel toothed disc agitators diameter 300 mm driven by a 22kW/3PH/400-690V/50HZ/1470rpm motor. Equipped with a Moeller frequency converter controlling shaft rotation between 200 to 1600 rpm. Hydraulically lifted arm. Can holding/fixing device included. Also includes local control panel and electrical switchboard. Height 1870 mm and 3050 mm when lifted. Floor space 700 X 1600 mm. Mixing can is not included.

Location: Perry England Warehouse

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