120 Litre Giusti, 1.38 Bar Internal, 3.45 Bar Jacket, 316 Stainless Steel Vessel, Used Refurbished

Stock #L1193

Used Refurbished Giusti model Pharmix 120 litre capacity 316 stainless steel jacketed process vessel. Internal approximately 510mm diameter X 585mm straight side. Has clamped dished top and welded dished bottom heads. Internal rated full vacuum/1.38 bar working pressure. Has 321 stainless steel external jacket rated 3.45 bar working pressure. Vertical agitator with PTFE wall scraper blades direct driven by 1.1 kW, 415 volt, 3/50, 1420 rpm motor via Supaflex enclosed VS drive rated 600-3000 rpm motor and Electro power gears type ESRV2 gearbox rated 34.1 reduction ratio. Bottom entry homogenizer direct driven by a pole changing 2 speed 3.7/4.4 kW, 400 volt, 3/50, 1425/2890 rpm motor. Mounted in stand with hand hydraulic lift for raise and lower of top dished head. Has approximately 38mm (1.5") centre bottom discharge with valve. Designed for producing liquids, creams and semi solids under sterile conditions.

Location: Newton Aycliffe, UK

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