We’ve been buying and selling used process equipment from our UK site since 1990.  Here we answer some of our most frequently asked questions, which we hope will make the process of buying or selling your used process equipment much easier.

Frequently asked questions when looking to buy used process equipment:

Q – How much can we save compared to new?
A – The cost saving varies, but used equipment offers savings up to 70% compared with the cost of a new item. Buying used will also save you a great deal of time.

Q – Are your prices fixed?
A – We will do our very best to offer you equipment that is within your budget. Some of our equipment prices are negotiable, and we also offer a trade-in service, which allows you to use the value of your surplus equipment towards the cost of buying an item from our stock.

Q – Will it work?
A – Perry sells used equipment that is good working condition. We have a team of experienced technical engineers who carry out a number of tests on the equipment before you buy it.

Q – Where is the equipment located?
A – Our stock is kept at our warehouse in the North East of England. We do have other items of machinery for sale located worldwide with our other Perry Group companies.  You can find out the location of a specific piece of equipment by clicking ‘View Details’.

Q – Does it come with drawings and documentation?
A – Most used equipment is supplied with its relevant technical documentation and drawings. If it is not available, the original equipment manufacturers can usually supply these.

Q – Can the equipment be modified?
A – Perry offer a full mechanical refurbishment service, to ensure the equipment meets your requirements. We have a team of skilled engineers and workshop facilities at our site in the UK, and where necessary we can send the unit back to the original equipment manufacturer.  View our refurbished equipment page for examples.

Q – Will it meet industry standards and legislation?
A – Some older equipment may not meet the current legislation guidelines, however, in most cases it can be modified to ensure that it does. Even with the cost of these modifications, you will make significant cost savings. On most occasions Perry’s in-house engineering team carry out any required modification work. Occasionally, we arrange for the OEM or specialist company to undertake this work.

Q – Will it be suitable for my products/process?
A – We always advise our customers to check with the original equipment manufacturer if there is any uncertainty over the suitability of the machine.  We can provide you with all necessary details, including the serial number.  We can offer a sale or return option on some of our equipment, which allows you to purchase the equipment for an agreed period of time.

Q – Can I inspect?
A – Yes, we always encourage you to inspect the equipment before deciding to purchase. We can arrange for test runs to be done on the day of inspection.

Q – What if I can’t inspect?
A – If you can’t come and inspect, we can video the equipment for you, running where possible.  You can also arrange third party inspections if necessary.

Q – How will I get it delivered?
A – We have our own logistics department that can arrange export packing and worldwide shipping with conformity to Incoterms. We are experienced in preparing contracts and export documentation, to ensure your equipment is delivered to your facility as safely and timely as possible.

Q – Does it come with a guarantee?
A – Perry stand by their equipment and will guarantee any refurbishment work we carry out. We will work with you to solve other issues as they arise.

Frequently asked questions when looking to sell used process equipment:

Q – What equipment do you buy?
A – Perry buys good quality used processing equipment from the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.  Items include: centrifuges, dryers, evaporators, filters, glass lined equipment, granulators, heat exchangers, mills, mixers, reactors, separators, tanks and vessels.

Q – How much will I get for it?
A – There are several factors which determine the re-sale value of equipment. These include: the condition, the previous history, the manufacturer, and if there is documentation for the machine.

We offer our customers a number of selling options, including outright purchase.

Q – Can you remove the equipment?
A – Yes, we can work quickly to inspect the equipment, make you an offer, and then remove the equipment from your site. We will always ensure there is minimal amount of disruption to your process.  We can also manage complete site clearances, including dismantling and demolition.

Q – Can you sell on my behalf?
A – Yes, if this is the best option for you, Perry can act as your exclusive sales agent and we will actively market and sell your assets.  We can create a dedicated sales brochure, handle removal, arrange the freight and collect payment.  Perry can even store the equipment at one of our warehouses.

If you don’t need to sell your equipment in a hurry, you can also choose to list it on our inventory. Your items will be visible on our website, and we will contact you should a prospective buyer show interest.

Q – What’s the process of selling my equipment?
A – We want to keep the process as simple as possible for you, because we know your time is precious and your main priority is your production.  Briefly, this is the process of selling your equipment:

  1. You’ll tell us what you have for sale. You can do this by phone, or by using our online Selling Your Equipment form. We’ll need the specification of the machine/copy of the name plate. We’ll also normally ask for a couple of photos to show the equipment in its current condition.
  2. We may want to carry out an inspection of the equipment at your site.
  3. We’ll decide whether we want to purchase outright for stock and make you an offer. We may still be able to help you sell the equipment even if we can’t buy it for stock, as we have other selling options available which we’ll discuss with you.
  4. We’ll make payment to you and arrange to remove the equipment from your site.

Q – What’s the benefit of selling my equipment?
A – A lot of companies like to sell their surplus machinery knowing it will be re-used for its original purpose.

Selling your equipment to a stock dealer like Perry will give you a much greater return than if you scrap them. It will free up much needed space, and allow you to re-invest back into your facility.  It doesn’t need to be a chore.  Here at Perry we can take care of everything, allowing you to concentrate on your business. We also offer a trade-in service, if you wanted to use the value of your surplus equipment against the cost of purchasing a used item from us.

Contact a member of the Perry team to discuss how we can help your business, +44 (0)1325 315 111.