Conical Mixers

Conical mixers (also referred to as Nauta type mixers) are popular in many process industries including food, chemical, pharmaceutical and agrochemical production.  The basic design of the conical mixer consists of a conical vessel and an orbiting arm with a rotating mixing screw.  

New PERRYmix Conical Mixers For Sale From Perry 

In 2014 Perry started to manufacture their range of PERRYmix conical mixers, allowing us the option to now offer our customers a competitively priced brand new machine alongside our usual refurbished & used stock.  Our machines are manufactured in Europe with high quality parts, and meet all required EU standards.  Each machine is custom built and can be customised according to the exact specification required.  There are many optional extras which can be added including support legs, hinged lid, pneumatically operated discharge valve and control panel.  

The PERRYmix range of mixers have a simple robust design consisting of a conical vessel and an orbiting arm with a rotating mixing screw providing fast and efficient homogenization.   These mixers are manufactured with stainless steel grade AISI 316L where parts are in contact with the product, and are suitable for use in a wide range of production processes. 

HV50 – HV3000 Conical Mixer Characteristics

  • High degree of homogenization.
  • Self-emptying effect.
  • Simple and safe operation.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Short mixing time.
  • Split drive for better control.
  • Easy and quick removal of the screw.
  • Gentle product mixing.
  • Customisable.

Basic Mixing Principles

The PERRYmix units give gentle product mixing with a high degree of homogenization.  The screw has an average speed of 60 rpm whilst the arm rotates at 2 rpm.  Fast and effective homogenization takes place via the arm and screw motion.  The homogenized raw materials are drawn from the bottom of the vessel upwards by screw rotation.  At the same time, the screw rotates along the inner conical wall of the container and moves and mixes the product.  The product slides under gravity back to the bottom of the vessel.

Download our PERRYmix Conical Mixer flyer:

conical mixers